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Cost attribute visibility
Published On May 16, 2024 - 12:21 PM

Cost attribute visibility

Discover how to enable or disable the display of provider cost and invoicing data to a group of users using user contexts.
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Tech Preview
to provide you with access to new features so that Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications hears your feedback and works on delivering features that meet your needs.

Enabling cost attribute visibility

Follow steps to turn off/on specific data visibility to a group of users:
  1. Navigate to Cost & Asset Management by clicking the
    main menu
    within Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications selecting
    Provider Cost and Invoice Details Visibility
    from the
    drop-down list.
  2. 2. Once there, you are provided with
    Visibility by Context
    tab where you can enable visibility of provider cost and invoice data details for users. This tab includes
    Context Type, Context Name, and Context Value
    followed by a column with a toggle bar named
    Provider Cost and Invoice data visibility.
Every time you switch on or off the visibility setting, a confirmation message pops up at the beginning of the page.
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