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Service provider navigation
Published On May 16, 2024 - 12:26 PM

Service provider navigation

Learn and manage your Service Provider account by understanding concepts and tool functionality.


Service Provider is currently a
Tech Preview
to provide you with access to new features so that Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications hears your feedback and works on delivering features that meet your needs.


The following terms explain the basic concepts and hierarchy of the Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications for Service Provider structure.
Customer tenant
: A customer tenant is an Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications tenant created by a service provider administrator for their customers.
Delegation is the process of a customer tenant handing over their authority to a Service Provider as a user of their tenant with limited capabilities.
Delegated access:
In Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications role-based access control, delegation of access involves delegating a set of permissions that a Service Provider tenant can assume in their customer tenants.
Delegated access provides the ability for a Service Provider to login to its customer tenants without the need of being invited to the tenant. A Service Providers can login to its customer tenants
when it has been agreed with the customer and delegated access flag is enabled for the particular Service Provider tenant manager.
To keep pricing policies and rates aligned, the default currency in the Service Provider tenant will be the same currency for the customer tenants.

Navigation icons

The navigation icons in the Service Provider Administration portal can take you directly to the theme, tasks, documentation, notifications, and user-specific information. The icons appear in the upper-right corner of the banner.
The following table shows the available navigation icons.
Navigation icons
icon allows to switch to dark mode. An
icon allows to switch back to light mode.
icon allows to see any notifications that you have received.
Common tasks
icon allows to view the list of common tasks that you are authorized to access on the platform.
icon allows to access Kyndryl Docs.
user avatar
icon allows to view user-specific items such as User ID, teams assigned, the developer console, the notification preferences settings, and the logout option.
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