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Enterprise Marketplace for service providers management
Published On May 16, 2024 - 12:25 PM

Enterprise Marketplace for service providers management

Learn how to manage service offerings by using Enterprise Marketplace
Enterprise Marketplace provides a unified consumption experience across multiple cloud providers while maintaining the unique configurations and capabilities of each. Service providers can perform various tasks that help their customers acquire and manage cloud resources by managing service offerings and distributing them to each of their customer tenants, according to their needs.
The tenant service provider will create and maintain a central service offerings catalog for all customers that will be known as the master catalog. The service offerings are distributed from the service provider tenant to the client tenants. From there, customers will discover and pull the services as appropriate.

Enterprise Marketplace Capabilities for service provider managed instances

Some key core capabilities of Enterprise Marketplace are:
  • Access the Catalog Management UI and view draft, WIP, publish, retire, or delete a service offering.
  • Discover, import, servicify, preview, and publish a service offering.
  • Distribute service offerings from the master catalog to the customer Catalogs.
  • Provide pricing and dynamic price quotes for service offerings.
  • Manage, retire, and delete service offerings
  • Access the catalog management dashboard.
  • View, create, or modify categories.
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