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Published On Jun 07, 2024 - 6:02 AM


Container Cluster Management continues assigning personas to fulfill important performance activities.
In the dynamic arena of Container Cluster Management, personas are pivotal to driving significant performance activities. These personas are not just roles; they represent a fundamental philosophy. At Kyndryl, effective software management hinges on assigning specific responsibilities to individuals with the right skills and objectives.
The Console, a core component of Container Cluster Management, integrates two distinct personas. Each persona is intricately designed to cater to specific operational needs, ensuring that our system is efficient but also intuitive and user-centric.
  1. The Site Reliability Engineer (Alvin)
    : This persona encapsulates the quintessence of system reliability and operational efficiency. Alvin, our Site Reliability Engineer, is equipped to:
    • Monitor clusters based on various parameters like provider, environment, and client.
    • Resolve cross-environment issues through a unified console, enhancing operational coherence.
    • Access pod logs for in-depth troubleshooting and generate comprehensive reports for stakeholders.
    • Identify clusters facing resource contention globally and apply necessary interventions.
    • Seamlessly navigate between OpenShift and Kubernetes clusters on a singular interface.
    • Analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as pod restart frequencies across clusters.
    • Delve into individual performance metrics for granular insights into each cluster.
  2. The Application Developer (Maureen)
    : Representing the creative and developmental backbone, Maureen brings a developer-centric perspective to the Console. She is empowered to:
    • Access detailed information on selected clusters, gaining vital insights for enhanced decision-making.
    • Extract relevant data to aid in application debugging, utilizing filters and labels for precision.
    • Review and search through managed pod logs, along with a comprehensive view of Kubernetes objects on cluster detail pages.
    • Leverage supported observability tools for an integrated view of metrics data across the cluster.
By integrating these personas into our Container Cluster Management system, we aim to offer a tailored and comprehensive experience that resonates with the unique requirements of our users.
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