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Container Cluster Management

Published On Jun 07, 2024 - 6:02 AM


Container Cluster Management sources metrics and logs using Prometheus to derive actionable insights and show CPU and memory usage. If any of this data is missing for more than 48 hours, users are notified so they can take corrective action.

Missing data notification

In the rare event that Prometheus derived data for any resource is missing for more than two days, the notification icon shows an alert providing details of the resource and what metric data is missing. The notification icon displays the number of new notifications. To view the notifications, click the notification icon to display a drop-down menu of these new notifications.
on the tile containing the missing data notification for details about the resource and the missing metric data. The message will take the following form:
The CPU and/or Memory metrics for the container
within the
is missing for more than 48 hours. Please consider validating the connection parameters.
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