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Container Cluster Management known issues
Published On Jun 11, 2024 - 8:15 AM

Container Cluster Management known issues

Find the latest known issues and behavioral caveats of Container Cluster Management.


  • Known issues:
    Conditions under which the Application does not exhibit the expected behavior.
  • Behavioral caveats:
    Intended behaviors that, for reasons beyond the control of the Application technology, the Application cannot successfully complete.
  • Bugs:
    Errors, flaws or faults in a program or system that cause it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result.
Kyndryl works to resolve Known issues as resources are available and according to priorities. This approach is different than the management of Behavioral caveats, which are actively monitored so that required changes can be synchronized with dependencies.

Known issues

General issues

Incorrect date on the Cluster overview page:
The Created Date section is not current in the Cluster Overview page for Azure clusters at present due to Azure API limitations.
UDD filter options do not carry over to the CCM dashboard:
The filter selections made from UDD widgets and from Base UI 3.0 landing page widgets are not propagating to the CCM dashboard widgets.
UDD charts do not interact with each other:
The Geomap provider filters are not applied to table and donut chart and any selections on the donut chart are not propagating to the Geomap and vice versa.
UI content are not translating from English:
Some table header strings are not translated from English to other languages in the Resources table present on the custom resources definition details page, as the table columns are generated dynamically from API data.
Several known AVT issues:
Documented Netsuite AVT issues.
Insight details not globalized:
Only English spreadsheets can be exported, so other language support is not available.
Known poor performance issue with bridge:
Clicking 'Launch Cluster Container Management' on 'Container Cluster Management - Insights' widget the launch time is significant (greater than 25 seconds).

Behavioral caveats

Behavioral caveats
No behavioral caveats have been detected.


No Bugs have been detected
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