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Published On Jun 05, 2024 - 1:53 PM

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Procedure to enable IBM Cloud Prometheus in Kyndryl - Container Cluster Management.
Improve your IBM Cloud infrastructure monitoring by integrating Prometheus. This straightforward guide walks you through the configuration process, making it simpler and more user-focused. Let’s jump right in!
Initial Setup and Tool Installation
  • Begin by installing the
    tool on your machine. Get it here.
  • If you're using an RHEL machine, opt for this version: RHEL ibmcloud tool.
Plugin Installation
  • Enhance the functionality of the ibmcloud tool by installing the following plugins:
    • ibmcloud plugin install container-service
    • ibmcloud plugin install container-registry
    • ibmcloud plugin install observe-service
Connection and Configuration
  • Ensure
    is installed on your system.
  • Connect to the IBM Cloud CLI with this command:
    ibmcloud login -a -r jp-tok -g Default --sso
    (Note: Include
    only if you're using a federated ID.)
  • To focus on your specific cluster for this session, use:
    ibmcloud ks cluster config --cluster c50pifut05bcc7pangi0
  • Check if the connection to your cluster is successfully established:
    kubectl config current-context
Integrating Prometheus with IBM Cluster
  • Ensure the Helm package manager for Kubernetes is installed. Helm streamlines Prometheus installation and management.
  • Next, add the Prometheus repository to your Helm list and update it:
    csharpCopy code
    helm repo add prometheus-community helm repo update
  • Install the Prometheus Helm chart into the 'monitoring' namespace (this will be created automatically if it doesn’t exist):
    helm install prometheus prometheus-community/kube-prometheus-stack --namespace monitoring --create-namespace
  • Validate Prometheus installation by checking the status of the pods:
    kubectl --namespace monitoring get pods -l "release=prometheus"
Dive into Prometheus Dashboard
  • Access the Prometheus dashboard on IBM cluster using port forwarding:
    kubectl port-forward --namespace monitoring svc/prometheus-kube-prometheus-prometheus 9090
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