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My Dashboard
Published On Jun 07, 2024 - 6:02 AM

My Dashboard

This topic presents information about customizing a personal dashboard.
Kyndryl introduces the Container Cluster Management User Definer Dashboard, allowing you to personalize your dashboard experience, quickly summarizing the most important data while finding relevant information at a glance tailored to your unique needs from a single easy-to-use dashboard.
Go to the Container Cluster dropdown menu, then My dashboard. Your Dashboard view will be displayed in a new window.

Creating your own dashboard

A user-defined dashboard allows you to construct a dashboard with your chosen widgets or use one of the established templates.
To construct your dashboard, navigate to the
My Dashboard
section of Container Cluster Management. Your Dashboard view will be displayed in a new window. To change the dashboard's name, click the pencil icon next to the name and type in the new name.
After changing the name, two buttons will show on the screen: Templates and Add widgets. Create your own using the
Blank Dashboard
template and the
Add widgets
option to select what you want to see on your dashboard. To add widgets to your dashboard, select the
Add widgets
option and drag the Dashboard Components of your choice from the sidebar to the desired location on the dashboard.

Using dashboard templates

Container Cluster Management User Defined Dashboard templates make it simple to create a dashboard that displays the data you want.
The dashboard includes templates incorporating established expenses, assets, savings, and analytical graphs and charts.
Among the templates are:
  • Blank dashboard.
  • Container Cluster Management template.
If this is your first time using the dashboard, a Quickstart menu will appear when you access it with the template choice. You may also see the various templates by selecting the Templates option on the right side of the dashboard. After choosing the preferred template, click Select to show the data on the dashboard.
You may add dashboard components or widgets to any template by choosing the
Add widgets
button. You may examine all the widget information after selecting it and adding it to your dashboard by clicking the view details button on the right side of the component.
This option returns you to the original dashboard, where the data is shown. Close or minimize the widget by clicking the x or - icons on the right side of each component's window.
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