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Container Cluster Management

Summary of features
Published On Jun 07, 2024 - 6:02 AM

Summary of features

Learn about Container Cluster Management and how the different features benfit users interested in site reliability and cost.


Tool providers have made fast progress in providing containers that are the workhorses of data processing on any scale using lightweight, stand-alone software applications and services. With this move to containers, container platforms such as Kubernetes and OpenShift have become progressively more popular among business moving to this new computing paradigm.
Container Cluster Management is a Kyndryl Bridge core service that enables observability, reliability and cost governance of Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters across multiple cloud providers and on-premise environments. It offers a centralized view of reliability data including container cluster health, location and alerts designed to enable quick and preemptive action on the part of Site Reliability Engineers.

Cloud provider integrations

Container Cluster Management supports integration with major cloud providers including the following:
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • IBM Cloud
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Alibaba

Target personas

Container Cluster Management supports Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) and Application Developers, arming them with critical information about the performance and health of their container deployments.

Key capabilities

The service provides the following valuable capabilities, enabling the optimization of your container assets:
  • End to end visibility of all resources in a single dashboard
  • Realtime updates and a consolidated view of alerts and events categorized by degree of criticality.
  • Easy access to logs without privileged access to clusters.
  • Insights with prescriptive, AI generated recommendations for optimal configuration of container resources to optimize cost and minimize cloud overspend.
  • Predictive AI generated insights on containers that are likely to experience CPU or memory related problems, in some cases within a projected timeframe.
  • Support for resource creation and deletion to support day 2 activities
  • Secure client environments by recommending appropriate Kubernetes and OpenShift version.

Service value

The service enables SREs to optimize integrations and container resources, providing the following benefits:
  • Fast and secure cloud integration:
    Using the Bridge Connection manager, administrative users can easily configure supported hyperscalers with clusters that must be managed.
  • Identity and Access Management:
    A single entry point to manage user access, invite users, manage roles, access policies and groups and securely stores provider credentials in internal vaults. This fine-grained Role Based Access Control polices ensures access is restricted only to authorized users.
  • Dashboards:
    The Container cluster management dashboard provides a holistic view of managed clusters across diverse cloud providers, providing details about alerts, health of the cluster, status of the cluster and other pertinent information.
  • Cluster management dashboards:
    The cluster overview dashboards present data about each cluster, displays information about workloads, provides details about secrets and config maps and ingress objects and policies.
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