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Support action types in CCM
Published On Jun 07, 2024 - 9:09 AM

Support action types in CCM

This page allows you to onboard actions from CAS.
After CAS is integrated in CCM, the administrator  can set action contents that allows to perform different activities. To perform actions on EKS Clusters, the user needs to add  Base64 encoded YAML file  and the namespace of the EKS cluster on which the action is being performed.


  1. Onboard and publish the  cluster action. 
  2. Execute the action over the resource.  From the inventory page, filter the search by provider and your specific resource. Click the overflow menu next to your resource and select the actions option.

To configure EKS clusters

  1. From the inventory view of your resource, click the actions tab.
  2. Click  configuration change from the left menu.
  3. Select one of the following options:
    1. Create namespace
    2. Delete the namespace
    3. Scale deployment
    4. Taint node
    1. Manage cluster
  4. Add the following details to manage a cluster:
Namespace of the EKS cluster used to deploy this action  Encoded YAML file that will be executed over this cluster.
  1. Click save and continue
  2. Click confirm action

To create YAML file

Any YAML file can be created, decoded, and set to action.
  1. Create the YAML file using the 4 available options:
    • Autoscaler
    • Deployment 
    • Service
    • Pod
  2. Once the YAML file is created, go to your EKS cluster and confirm the details added in the file are correct; update the information if needed.
  3. Encode the file to Base64 format and copy the encoded string
  4. Paste the encoded string in the YAML Base65 Encoded space.
  5. Add the namespace in which this action is deployed
All templates can be used in API.


Sample for autoscaler
apiVersion:kind: HorizontalPodAutoscalermetadata:name: namespace:spec:scaleTargetRef:apiVersion:Kind: Deploymentname:minReplicas:maxReplicas:metrics:type:ResourceNametargetAverageUtilization
Sample for deployment
apiVersion:kind: DeploymentNamespace:metadata:name: namespace:spec:Replicas:Selector:matchlabels:app:template:metadata:labelsapp:spec:containers:nameimage:ports:container port:
You can also edit an existent deployment from the EKS cluster page to match the YAML file information.
Sample for service
apiVersion: v1kind: ServiceNamespace:metadata:name:spec:type: LoadBalancerselector:app: nginxports: protocol: port:targetPort:
You can also edit an existent deployment from the EKS cluster page to match the YAML file information
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