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Integration with Applications
Published On Jun 07, 2024 - 6:02 AM

Integration with Applications

This page describes how Container Cluster Management integrates with different applications
When navigating the Common Inventory landing page (Resources page) and selecting a specific cluster name, upon clicking the Container Cluster Management consumer link, the application presents detailed cluster information in the Container Cluster Management details menu. Users can easily return to the Common Inventory via the UI, using the
Back to Inventory
Integration with Container Cluster Management: Setting Session Storage and Query Parameters
For seamless integration with Container Cluster Management, every application must set the session storage and correctly pass the query parameters.
Query parameters
  1. appId
    • Mandatory parameter, matching the session storage key.
  2. appPage
    • Optional parameter, useful for multiple navigations within the same application to the Container Cluster Management UI.
  3. namespace
    • Optional parameter for setting the namespace filter.
Configuring Session Storage
For effective integration, applications should configure session storage. The setup differs based on the navigation requirements:
Single Navigation Session Storage:
  • The session storage key must match the appId in the query parameters.
  • The session storage value should include:
    • breadcrumbItems
      : An array of objects with titles and links for breadcrumb navigation.
    • backToLink
      : An object containing the text and link for the application's Backlink.
    • includeClusterLink
      : Set to true to display the cluster name as a link to the overview page.
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