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Alibaba Cloud
Published On Jun 05, 2024 - 1:31 PM

Alibaba Cloud

Configure an account view permission for Container Cluster Management to pull data from Alibaba Cloud.
The Container Cluster Management (CCM) module has been designed to integrate seamlessly with various cloud platforms, including Alibaba Cloud. Certain configuration steps are pivotal to extracting data from Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Access Configuration

Access Rights
: The account (key) should possess view permissions. For this, a user must be created with a new Access key ID and Access Key Secret, aiding in configuring the account to retrieve data from Alibaba Cloud.
Understanding the Role of Access Key ID and Secret
: Alibaba Cloud's Access Key ID and Secret are your unique credentials to access Alibaba Cloud APIs. Your AccessKeyId identifies you, while the AccessKeySecret signs your access requests, ensuring data integrity. These keys can be managed on the Alibaba Cloud official website.
  1. Open Alibaba Cloud Console
    : Navigate to the RAM (Resource Access Management) section.
  2. Go to
    and search for the user.
  3. Navigate to
    and initiate the
    Create User
  4. Fill in details like Log in name and Display name, then select
  5. After account creation, move on to adding permissions.
  6. Under permissions, search for ECS and select the relevant entity.
  7. Now, select the account you've created and generate an Access Key.
  8. Download or copy the key linked to the account.
  9. Lastly, select the user icon situated at the console's top right. Note down the
    Enterprise Alias
    . This ID is required in subsequent configurations.

Integrating Alibaba Cloud with Kyndryl IAM Connection

A link with an Alibaba Cloud account must be established to facilitate data extraction from Alibaba Cloud's myriad services using CCM.
  1. Begin at the tenant landing page
  2. Select  the
    hamburger menu
    or the
    Manage IAM tile
  3. Opt for
    IAM menu
  4. On the ensuing screen, select
    from the left pane.
  5. Choose
    Add New
    from the dropdown button and then
    Add New connection
  6. Define the
    Technology Category
    as Cloud Provider and then pick
    Alibaba Cloud
  7. Input details such as
    Account Number
    Access Key
    , and
    Secret key
    (sourced from previous steps).
  8. Verify your entered credentials by selecting
    Test connection
  9. If the test is successful, finalize by selecting
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