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Unsuccessful Changes (Change Management)
Published On Jun 04, 2024 - 1:23 PM

Unsuccessful Changes (Change Management)

This page covers the Change Management insight of Integrated AIOps, called as unsuccessful changes on the landing page.
The Integrated AIOps Change Management Dashboard provides details and insights derived from change tickets that happened at the IT estate. This insight can be navigated to via the Insight menu or from the landing page by clicking
Unsuccessful Changes

Business Value and Benefits

Provide an up-to-date overview on which change tickets are there for the account and how they are being handled by the account. Used in daily stand-up meetings to address areas of concern.


The following table provides a description and calculation for each KPIs/Metrics used within the insight.
KPI/Metric Name
KPI/Metric Description
Created Changes
Count of Changes Created in specific time period including all priority levels (Critical, Major, Medium and Minor).
Closed Changes
Count of changes Closed in specific time period
Backlog Changes
Count of Backlog Changes
Open Pending
Count of Access, Authorized and Draft changes
Implemented Changes
Count of Implemented Changes
FSC for 72 hrs
Count of Changes to be performed in the next 72 hrs
Change Type : Expedited
Count of Expedited Changes
Change Type : Emergency
Count of Emergency changes
Change Type : Standard
Count of Standard changes
Change Type : Normal
Count of Normal changes
Failed Changes
Count of failed changes
Success Changes
Count of changes successfully executed
Change Type %
Pie Chart Indicates percentage wise details of top 5 change types that are scheduled and the status can be of "Work in Progress, Closed, Review, and Ready to deploy
Exception Reason
Pie Chart Indicates the reason for failed changes
Pie Chart Percentage of unauthorized changes with respect to Implemented Changes
Failed% and Successful%
Pie Chart Percentage of failed changes and successfully implemented changes
Change Status
Bar Chart Count of Status of Changes
Change Risk
Bar Chart Count of Risk associated with the Changes
Region View
Pie Chart Count of Changes owned by different regions
Closure Codes
Bar Chart Proportion of different closure code of a change ticket as available in ITSM tool
OpCo View
Tree Map Count of changes owned by Opco
Change Aging Bucket
Table Change backlog in different age
Service Line
Bar Chart Distribution of changes associated with the account's service line teams
Top 25 Assignment Group
Tree Map Top 25 Assignment Group based on volume of changes closed
Category View
Tree Map Proportion of Original vs Actual Priority status with respect to Incident Volume. Original Priority is set by the user and Actual Priority is set by the Incident team based on the impact of the ticket
Top 25 Site IDs
Tree Map Top 25 Site IDs associated with the volume of the changes
Top 25 Street Addresses
Tree Map Distribution of the change tickets with the Top 25 street addresses
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