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Best Practice Deployment
Published On Jun 04, 2024 - 1:23 PM

Best Practice Deployment

This section shows the Best Practice Deployment for I-AIOps.


Displays attainment of all Health Check policies across the environment. Delivery team interested in identifying where best practices configurations are not implemented for managed CIs. Deviations from industry and Kyndryl technical experts have cause unnecessary issues and outages. Understanding where deviations are allows for addressing them. Access this insight from Kyndryl delivery; select
Security and Vulnerability Management
dashboard  and a
Best Practice
The Integrated AIOPs Best Practice insight identifies systems (storage, network, compute and resilience) where deviations from best practices are identified. These best practices are coming from the industry, vendors and from Kyndryl senior technical experts. The insight provides the possibility for the account team to identify where deviations are found and to proactively address the areas of concern to improve overall availability of the customer business applications.

Business Value and benefits

  • Get insight on where there are deviations to industry best practices within the account to get them addressed. When best practices are deployed on the CIs it reduces the risk of issues, outages and performance degradations. As such it helps to address common areas to improve the availability of customer business applications.
  • Provides an overview and detailed guidance of Health Checks performed for all devices cross domains Storage, Network, Server (Compute), Resiliency and Hypervisors (VMware) Results are visualized for various roles on account, enabling account applying Kyndryl Best Practices.


Deviation of best practices alignment is measured by how many findings (policy check failures) are reported via the best practice checks executed by SDE Automation Tools (SAT).
KPI/Metric Name
KPI/Metric Description
Best Practice <region>
Result of Best Practice Deployment % is evaluated against metric:
  • Green 90-100%
  • Amber 85-90%
  • Red 0-85%
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