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Kyndryl Bridge integrations
Published On Jun 04, 2024 - 8:47 AM

Kyndryl Bridge integrations

Compliance and Security Operations offers a seamless integration with Kyndryl Bridge through various widgets, enhancing your security and compliance capabilities.
Compliance and Security Operations provides a variety of widgets on Kyndryl Bridge that integrate with leading platforms to manage and protect your infrastructure capabilities. Users with a Kyndryl Bridge account and a subscription to Compliance and Security Operations can easily access these widgets from the My Console section of Kyndryl Bridge. The widgets offer a personalized view of your applications, displaying information on a single pane of glass for quick access to the most relevant data. For more information about Kyndryl Bridge Console, see My Console.
The available widgets are as follows:

Sunrise Report

  1. Drift in Security Risks
    : This widget tracks and reports risks that occur due to changes in your environment compared to the previous day. As services are onboarded and offboarded, security risks may happen. This widget helps detect these drifts and enables prompt action.
  2. Critical & High Risks Introduced by Asset Changes:
    This widget highlights risks associated with specific assets resulting from additions or deletions. As environments continuously evolve due to migrations, commissioning, or decommissioning of assets, this widget helps identify these changes and enables timely response.
  3. Top 2 Affected Compliance Regimes:
    This widget displays the two most impacted regulations, standards, or policies in your estate compared to the previous day. It measures changes in the compliance score and provides a clear overview of the most affected compliance areas.
Use the
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button on each widget to navigate to the
Compliance and Security Operations
dashboard. For more information, see Sunrise Report.
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