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Terraform Automation integration features
Published On Jun 17, 2024 - 7:43 AM

Terraform Automation integration features

Learn the lifecycle of a Terraform catalog within Terraform Automation and Enterprise Marketplace.
The following are the steps in the lifecycle of a catalog in Terraform Automation:

Catalog lifecycle in Terraform Automation

In Terraform Automation, a catalog can be moved from Draft to Published state by the Editor after the catalog definition completes. The Published catalog can be Retired if you do not want it to be displayed for consumption or deployment. If the Retired catalog is no longer required, it can be deleted. After a catalog is deleted, it is removed from Terraform Automation. A retired catalog can be brought back to the Published state by unretiring it.
In Terraform Automation, multiple versions of a single catalog can be created. Each version of catalog follows its own catalog lifecycle. The version should be in V.R.M.F. format. The first version of catalog is set as the default version automatically, although you can change the default version at any time.

Catalog lifecycle in Enterprise Marketplace

In Enterprise Marketplace, when the Catalog Admin performs Catalog Discovery, the system discovers all the catalogs in the Published state from Terraform Automation. This process will discover any different catalog versions. After Catalog Discovery completes successfully, the catalogs are visible in the Draft state on the
Catalog Admin
page along with their version. The Catalog Admin can Edit/Modify the Draft catalogs, which moves them from Draft to Work in Progress. After all the modifications are complete, Catalog Admin can Publish the catalog for the Buyer to consume.
Published catalogs can be retired by the Catalog Admin. After a catalog is retired, it is no longer available on the
page for buyer to consume/order. The Catalog Admin can catalog a retired catalog to move it back to the Published state. If the catalog is no longer required, the Catalog Admin can retire that catalog and then delete it. The deleted catalog is completely removed from Enterprise Marketplace.
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